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Choosing The Right Campsites

Planning With onWater

Choosing The Right Campsites

There are no bad campsites on the Smith, but yes, some are better than others. When choosing campsites, the most important factor to consider is how many miles you plan on floating each day. If you are doing a 4-day trip, you have to cover a lot more per day than a 5-day trip. Knowing the distance between camp sites is critical to choosing your sites.

With onWater you can...

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Choosing The Right Campsites

Camp Baker to Eden Bridge

  • 59 Miles
  • 27 Boat Camps
  • 52 Campsites
  • 118 Miles of Shoreline
  • 26 Miles of Public Shoreline
When The Fun Begins, The Planning Doesn't End

Floating With onWater

When The Fun Begins, The Planning Doesn't End

Boats are in the water, the group is eager to push off. Final checklists are complete, and off you go. The one item on the checklist that is often overlooked for each boat is knowledge.

  • Where are we camping?
  • How far do we have to go?
  • What's the name of the campsite?

When every boat is using onWater, the answers are in everyone's hands.

  • Download the maps for offline use
  • View your location on the river and get exact river miles to your selected campsite
  • Watch Tutorials

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Click on your selected campsite, choose select a point from the menu bar, and then click your next campsite. The river miles will show in the information bar.

“Unlike most map-overlay apps, onWater is user-friendly. Whether you want to search for rivers you plan to fish on an upcoming trip, or learn more about the one you just drove by, the interface is easy to navigate and makes finding access points a breeze.”

Adam Brown

Outside Bozeman

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